Nursery places now available, including 30 hours.


School will close at hometime tomorrow (Friday 20th) and remain closed to most pupils until further notice. We will be open to provide childcare to children with EHCPs and anyone whose parents are 'Key Workers' as defined by the government.  Opening hours will remain 8.45 - 3.30.

If anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms, they should stay off school for 14 days. 

Please click here for our latest Covid-19 newsletter and advice.



Something to make you smile (or possibly cringe).   

The Shawlands Kids Rap, by Mr T

Resources for Pupils Missing School.

Click here for a page of websites with useful e-learning resources (ctrl + click to open each link).

For more resources and useful links for each Key Stage, please visit out Letter / Other Information Page.





 Welcome to

Shawlands Primary School!

Our Ethos and Values:

At Shawlands we aim to allow and encourage our pupils to thrive academically, creatively and socially by providing a broad, balanced curriculum, engaging lessons and a variety of stimulating experiences in a safe, welcoming environment.

All members of staff are committed to safeguarding all our pupils and help them to learn how to make the right choices and be co-operative and productive both in school and in life beyond school.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with parents and the wider school community, and use Twitter as a daily resource for keeping everyone up to date with the latest news and causes for celebration.

Please see our Twitter feed below.

Many thanks, D Thompson, Headteacher.

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