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Click here for our latest Ofsted report (Feb 2019).

Some of our favourite bits from the new report:


"Shawlands School is a welcoming and friendly school in which pupil are happy, ready to learn and attend regularly."


"[The pupils] are polite and courteous and hold doors open for adults.  They are keen and enthusiastic to share their learning and contribute their thoughts and ideas."


"The relationships between staff and pupils is strong."


"Parents are supportive of the school: 'This is a fabulous welcoming school which puts the children's best interests first'; 'This is a brilliant school, there's nothing I would change.'"


"Governors bring a wide range of highly relevant skills, knowledge and expertise to their roles... [they] provide good support."


"Pupils' safety and welfare are high priorities ... you know the families ... very well and are vigilant about their welfare."


"Pupils told me that bullying is very rare [and] that they feel safe in school."


"Pupils, including boys, are enthusiastic about reading, and they read accurately and fluently. You have effectively developed a 'love of reading' through the school."


"Across Key Stage One, pupils make good progress from their starting points."