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Monitoring and School Improvement

Our school was graded as 'GOOD' by Ofsted in January 2015.  Everyone at Shawlands Primary School is working very hard to make our school even better in every way! 

Our 2019 Outcomes

School and College Performance Tables Service



School Development Plan 2019-20



We are incredibly committed to supporting the academic progress and achievement of all pupils and groups in our school.  Click here to see our most recent Pupil Premium Report (April 2017).  Please click here to see our Pupil Premium Policy. Please note that our next Spending Plan will be published in Autumn 2018.  Also, the next Pupil Premium spending review will be April 2018.  We measure the progress the children who receive the Pupil Premium funding make in many ways.  We measure them against the School's expected and good progress measures, their class mates, their non-disadvantaged peers and their peers nationally (where possible).  Mrs Athorn is the school's Pupil Premium Champion and she conducts pupil progress reviews (at least termly) with the other members of SLT to ensure that a sharp focus and tracking system monitors our most vulnerable pupils.  Barriers to learning (which the school must overcome) are issues with attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attitude to learning, engagement between the family and school, low aspirations, etc.

Further details on how schools analyse their approach to spending the pupil premium to impact pupils outcomes can be found below:


2019/20 Pupil Premium Plan.


Analysis Tool


Pupil Premium 2015/16 Spend (Reviewed for impact)

Pupil Premium 2016/17 Spend (Reviewed for impact)

2017/18 Pupil Premium Plan (reviewed in 18/19 plan)

2018/19 Pupil Premium Plan (reviews in 19/20 plan)



Please see below for more general information (useful for parents) about the Pupil Premium.

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Please click here to see how we spent the allotted PE sports funding in 2016/17 and how we use it to maximise the benefit for all pupils in our school.

For more information on the PE sports funding please click here.