Mr Thompson's Task of the Day (#ThompsonsTask)


Read the 'Tale of the Boojum Bold'.


Friday's Task (the last Boojum Task). Imagine the Boojum got away with the gold - where did he go and what did he spend it on?  Either write a letter or design and write a postcard from the Boojum to the Worm to let him know what he did next.


Task 9: Write a letter to Trevor Millum telling him what you liked about the poem, and asking him at least one question about the poem, the characters or being a poet -  if you send them to me, I will send them on to Trevor Millum.


Task 8: The Worm is very angry about having his gold stolen; design a wanted poster for the Boojum – make up a description and decide what the reward would be.


Task 7: Imagine the story has been made into a film.  Design the poster.  What would it be called? What image would you use?  Who would star in it?


Task 6: The poem doesn’t tell the whole story – write an ending to finish the story off.  It doesn’t have to rhyme if you don’t want it to.


Task 5: Think of 5 questions to ask either the Worm or the Boojum (or both).  What would the questions be, and how do you think the character would answer?


Task 4: The poem is a great one for reciting aloud; learn one verse to perform for your family.  Maybe they can record it and post in on Twitter?


Task 3:  There are lots of rhymes in the poem: find ten pairs of rhyming words and find another two words that also rhyme with them.  What’s the most unusual rhyming word you can think of? 


Task 2: The poem describes the journey that the Boojum takes with the stolen gold; draw a treasure-map style map of the journey with labels.


Task 1: Imagine what the Boojum (who stole the gold) and the Worm (the dragon whose gold it was) look like?             

Draw an illustration of the two characters.


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