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Staff Roles

Below is a list of the key leaders within our school community...

Child Protection Officer Mr D. Thompson + 2 GB Members

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs S Gilroy

E-safety co-ordinator and website administrator

Assessment and Data Co-ordinator

Miss R Law

Mrs J Wyrill (&SLT)

Health and Safety Officer Mrs S Auty/Miss C Billington

Teaching and Learning Leads (F1-Y6)

Mrs C Athorn (EYFS based)

Mrs L Tabbner (Y3 based)

Mrs J Wyrill (Y5/6 Based)

Mathematics Subject Leader Mrs J Wyrill
Literacy Subject Leader Mrs K Rose
Curriculum Team Drivers

Mrs S Parker

Mrs M Flack

 PE Subject Leader Miss L Hepworth
Early Help Assessment Co-ordinator Mrs T Hill

Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mr D Thompson