What a great season!  Barnsley finalists at Y3/4 and Y5/6 age groups!

Good luck next season!

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Shawlands FC

Football at Shawlands Primary School


Shawlands FC Information:

  • All pupils are welcome to join this club as they are working hard and presenting good behaviour in school
  • Training will be in three sections; warm up games, skills and a practice match
  • Pupils should wear shin-pads to protect themselves
  • Our matches are often against local schools to avoid travel complications although we will occasionally play away from home and travel by cars to the game
  • Our home fixtures are played on grass or at Horizon CC, on astroturf
  • All training and matches are free (unless we need to play at Shaw Lane or under floolights at Horizon, in which case there will be a £1 charge)
  • We are fully inclusive and believe that all children have a right to enjoy sport and to improve their skills
  • Many home matches will involve all children- I will create 2 evenly matched squads who will play a half each
  • Some matches and competitions will be open to children of all ages and abilities
  • Some matches and competitions are specific to boys or girls and children in a certain year group
  • Some games will see a smaller squad selected (usually due to travel ararngements)
  • We will be supported by ex-Shawlands pupils at our coaching sessions
  • Parents, family and friends are ALWAYS encouraged to come along and support the team!

Latest Matches-

v Holy Rood (Y5/6) 3-3 won 4-2 on penalties

v Penistone SJ Y5/6 Barnsley Final (Lost 3-0)

v Holy Rood Y3/4 (Won 5-4)

v Collaboration Cup (5 other schools- second place in league) Goals for Luke T (3) and Jack W (2)

v Churchfield (Cudworth) (Semi-Final) Won 7-0

v Penistone St John (N) (League Match) Lost 4-1

v Joseph Locke (A) (Friendly) Won 4-0

v Kexborough (A) (League Match) 3-0 Win (January 31st)

v Darfield Upperwood (A) Monday 10th October 2016 won 12-2

v Summer Lane (N) Drew 0-0 (All Tuesday 11th October 2016)

v Burton Road (N) Drew 0-0

v Athersley South (N) Won 6-0

v Burton Road (League Match) Won 3-2 on Tuesday 18th October 2016

Girls' Y5/6 Won their league at the Barnsley Town Centre qualifier!

Boys Y3/4 (A) won 6 games and were losing finalists at Barnsley event

Boys Y3/4 (B) drew 2 games and lost 2 at Barnsley event

Girls Y3/4 won the Barnsley finals- champions!

Boys Y5/6 Barnsley Regional Finals- 5 wins, a draw and a defeat at semi-final stage! 3rd in Barnsley!

Girls Y5/6 Barnsley Regional Finals- 3 wins, 2 draws and a defeat at semi-final stage! 3rd in Barnsley!

Y3-Y6 matches (3 squads) at Joseph Locke- 7v3 defeat, 9v1 victory and 3v1 victory!


Y3/4 Girls- 4th in South Yorkshire

Y3/4 Boys- 3rd in South Yorkshire

Y5/6 Girls- 3rd in Barnsley

Y5/6 Boys- 2nd in Barnsley


Current Star Players!

Boys- Noah G (Y3), Aston (Y4), Freddie E (Y5), Freddie C (Y6)

Girls- Selina RP (Y3), Libby(Y6)

Well done to Luke in Y6 and Nathan in Y5 for achieving their Barnsley FA Sports Ties!

(Presented in assembly 3/2/17)