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The BMBC policies can be accessed through the intranet:


(NB. All Policies are available on request from the school office)

Policy Colour Codes: Review within 12 months...within 2 years...within 3 years


Accident and Illness (Spring 2016) (Review Spring 2019)

Admissions (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Adverse Weather (Snow Plan) (Summer 2018) (Review Summer 2021)

Anti-Bullying (Summer 2018) (Review Summer 2021)

Anti-Racism (Summer 2018) (Review Summer 2019)

Assessment (Autumn 2018) (Review Autumn 2019)

NEW- Attendance and Punctuality (Coming Soon) (Current policy)

Behaviour (Autumn 2018) (Review Autumn 2019)

Calculation (Summer 2016) (Review Summer 2019)

Capability (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Cause for Concern Policy (Safeguarding) (Summer 2018) (Review Summer 2019)

Child Missing Education (Autumn 2016) (Review Autumn 2019)

Child Protection and Safeguarding (Spring 2017) (Review Spring 2018)

NEW- Curriculum and Learning Policy (Coming Soon) (Current Policy)

Complaints (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Confidentiality (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Design and Technology (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Drugs Education (Spring 2016) (Review Spring 2019)

Early Years Foundation Stage (Autumn 2016) (Review Autumn 2019)

Educational Visits including Remissions (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Equal Opportunities and Diversity (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

eSafety Policy (Spring 2017) (Review Spring 2020)

Expressive Arts (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

First Aid (Autumn 2018) (Review Autumn 2019)

Finance Procedures (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Health and Safety (Autumn 2018) (Review Autumn 2019)

Health and Safety for Work Experience (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Health and Safety Induction Guide (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Homework (Autumn 2018) (Review Autumn 2019)

Humanities (Autumn 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) (Summer 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Induction Policy (Summer 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Information Computer Security (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Initial Teacher Training (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Lost/Missing Child (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Mixed Class Policy (Summer 2016) (Review Summer 2019)

Modern Foreign Languages (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Monitoring and Evaluation of Learning (Summer 2017) (Review Summer 2018)

Non-Collection of Child (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Newly Qualified Teachers (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Pay and Appraisal (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

 PE (Summer 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Photography and Video-Recording/CCTV in School (Summer 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Professional Code of Conduct (Spring 2017) (Review Spring 2020)

Personal, Health and Social Education (Autumn 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Pupil Premium Policy (Summer 2016) (Review Summer 2019)

RE (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

School Offer for SEN (Summer 2017) (Review Summer 2020)

School Food (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

Science (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

SEND Policy (Spring 2017) (Review Spring 2020)

Sex and Relationships Education (Summer 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Smoke-free (Autumn 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

Uniform (Summer 2016) (Review Summer 2019)

                                       Visitors to School (Summer 2015) (Review Summer 2018)

                                     Wearing of Jewellery (Autumn 2015) (Review Autumn 2018)

        Working With Volunteers (BMBC) See BMBC intranet

Whistleblowing (Summer 2016) (Review Summer 2019)

The dates in brackets refer to the term of review/formal approval of the policy. BMBC policies are not dated. These can be accessed through the intranet, see above.