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News and Letters

Previous Newsletters and Communication

Medal Powerpoint

Final Week Events

Week 38 Newsletter

Week 37 Newsletter

Week 36 Newsletter (includes questionnaire feedback)

Week 36/37 Learning Journal

Week 35 Newsletter (Gold Medal Information)

Week 34/35 Learning Journal

Week 34 Newsletter

London Letter (Safety)

Week 33 Newsletter

Week 33 Learning Journal

Week 32 Newsletter

Week 32 Learning Journal

Family Questionnaire

Week 31 Newsletter

Week 31 Learning Journal

May Fundraising Group Update

Y6 Play Letter

Week 30 Newsletter

Week 30 Learning Journal

KS1 Visit- The Deep

Roman Soldier Event

Week 29 Newsletter

Week 29 Learning Journal

London Final Letter

London Daily Plan

Y4 Staffing Update

Summer Term Diary Dates 2017

Week 28 Newsletter

Week 28 Learning Journal


eSafety Agreement

eSafety letter

Week 27 Newsletter

Week 27 Learning Journal

Re-issued Scarlet Fever

Week 26 Newsletter

Week 26 Learning Journal

London Update Y3/4

Y6 Easter Events

eSafety Summary

Bike-It Breakfast

Y5/6 Swimming Letter

Week 25 Newsletter

Week 25 Learning Journal

Phonics/SPAG info sheet

Phonics/SPAG presentation

Choir Performance

Week 24 Newsletter

Week 24 Learning Journal

Health Concerns: Scarlett Fever

Week 23 Newsletter

KS2 Swimming Letter

Y5/6 Winmarleigh- Final Information Letter

Week 22 Newsletter

Week 22 and 23 Learning Journal

Week 21 Newsletter

Week 21 Learning Journal

Week 20 Newsletter

Week 20 Learning Journal

Week 19 Newsletter

Week 19 Learning Journal

Winmarleigh Risk Assessments 

Week 18 Newsletter

Week 18 Learning Journal

Winmarleigh Information Evening

Adapted diary dates for Spring (with changes to assemblies)

London Visit- notes from parent meeting

London Visit- risk assessment

Newsletter week 17

Learning Journal Week 17

KS1 Craft Club (Jan 2017)

Mid-week 16 Newsletter

Y4/5 Media Club Letter

Y4/5 Media Club Permission Form

Spring Term Diary Dates

PROVISION Clubs- Spring Term

Week 15 and 16 Learning Journal

Week 15 Newsletter


Week 14 Newsletter (Christmas Events)

Reading Miles

Week 13 Newsletter

Week 12 Newsletter

Week 12 Learning Journal

Week 11 Newsletter

Week 11 Learning Journal

KS1 Christmas Show Letter

EYFS Christmas Show Letter

Week 10 Newsletter

Week 10 Learning Journal

Week 9 Newsletter

Week 9 Learning Journal

Football at Joseph Locke (Y3-6) selected pupils, development games

Parent Questionnaire 2016 (given out at Parents' Evening)

Autumn 2 Diary Dates (Updated with some changes to Autumn 1 projected dates)

Week 8 Newsletter

Week 8 Learning Journal

Pantomime Letter 2016

Week 7 Newsletter

Week 7 Learning Journal

New School Year Questionnaire 


Week 6 Newsletter

Week 6 Learning Journal

Week 5 Newsletter

Week 5 Learning Journal

Week 4 Newsletter

Week 4 Learning Journal

Autumn Term Diary Dates

Week 3 Learning Journal

Week 3 Newsletter

Week 2 Newsletter

Week 2 Learning Journal

Week 1 Newsletter

Week 1 Learning Journal