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New National Curriculum Revealed

The new proposed National Curriculum has now been revealed. If you would like to know what it contains click here. It is expected that the new curriculum will be taught starting September 2014. At the moment the draft curriculum is out for consultation and if you would like to comment please go to

Reading Resources For All Ages

 Letters and Sounds

BBC Literacy Games


Unsure how to sound out the letters correctly when supporting phonics lessons?  Don't worry!

Just visit and look at the training and support videos!

If you want to come and observe a session to find out how we help children to read or spell, please just ask a teacher!


High Frequency words for Reading and Spelling (click to see in full)

First 100 spellings

Second 100 spellings

Third 100 spellings

We Love Reading!

Reading Mission Statement

Throughout Shawlands Primary School, we strive to create a culture for reading where every stakeholder harnesses a love of reading and a thirst for knowledge and creativity. We firmly believe that promoting a love of books it vital for continued progress as we believe literacy contributes to both school and life successes.  

To achieve our mission statement, Shawlands Primary ensures that:

  • All children have access to quality, age/phonic level appropriate books in school
  • All children have reading records and access to appropriate books to take home and share with family and friends
  • Classrooms are well stocked with age and level appropriate books, reading corners, listening stations and other ICT that supports reading
  • We use QR codes with exciting interactive texts to access instantly
  • The library is open before and after school to share stories and find books that interest the children
  • New books and reading materials are sourced and children are invited to share books they have enjoyed and recommendations for future reading
  • Competitions and challenges are run to encourage fun and family reading throughout school
  • Paired reading with adults and older peers is used to support fluency and expression including volunteer parent readers
  • World Book Day is celebrated and shared, as well as competitions and challenges being run to encourage a love of reading
  • Reading and phonics workshops are run to support home reading. Support material to develop comprehension is also available for parents.
  • Parents are involved with daily book swaps in KS1 classes
  • Summer reading houses are open and well stocked for the children to use in the playground

Learning Resources


What do the Levels Mean?

At the moment children are matched to Levels at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 6). 1c-1b-1a-2c-2b-2a-3c-3b-3a and so on. But what does a child have to be able to do to reach these levels? A guide to levels 1, 2 and 3 in Maths, Reading and Writing can be found here. A 'best fit' approach is used.


Website Resources

For Maths Games & Free Worksheets to supplement work done in school try

Other good websites to practise key Maths skills