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Please check the bottom of this page for wider opportunities in the local community!

Extra Curricular Clubs

We believe that taking part in sports and creative activities can play a hugely significant role in the development of a child.  We promote a culture of fitness and health that encourages children to engage in as many different sporting and creative activities as possible.  This section of our website will keep you up to date with our current clubs and the many competitive opportunities that we offer our pupils.

Our school fully supports the ethos created by Team Activ.  We work closely with their Barnsley team and their extensive range of competitions allow our pupils to enjoy, progress, achieve and excel.  To find out more about their work click here.  Use the Primary Sport section to find out about events and results!

After School Clubs and Wider Opportunities- Spring Term 2017

Monday- Table Tennis for KS2 (3.30-5.00pm)

Wednesday- Multi-sports for KS1 (3.45-4.45pm) and Media Club for Y4/5 pupils and Drama for Y2-Y4

Thursday- KS1 Art and Craft Club 3.30-4.30pm and Y5/6 Sports (3.30-4.30pm)

Friday- Multi-sports for KS2 (3.45-4.45pm)


Mr Rollinson- sports clubs for all pupils Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday lunch

We also offer our pupils The Daily Mile at lunchtime!


Various Art/Craft and Cookery Clubs (look out for letters when it is your year group's turn!)


Various singing clubs and sports events at lunchtimes!


External Clubs and Opportunities

This section will give details of events for yound people that are affordable and near-by for our parents and/or pupils to enjoy...


(For people aged 8-16)

Arts Monday- 4-6

Random Tuesday- 4-6

Sports Wednesday- 4-6.30

Thursday Youth Club- 6.30-8.30

Call 01226 214165



Thursday evenings

If you're interested in joining contact Corol Heritage on (01226) 205 616 

or email her on


LampLYTErs (children's youth theatre company based at the Lamproom)

Fridays 6 - 7.15 at the Jaybee Theatre School

Contact Pete or Julie Foster on (01226) 200075


Barnsley Lawn Tennis Club have training for children of all ages and abilities on Saturday mornings.  Please ask Mr McClure for details!


Various football, swimming, dance and rugby opportunities are shared in our school assemblies!