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 2015/16 Attendance: 96.5% (End of Week 33) ON TARGET!

Classes of the Week: Y6 Terrific Tigers 100%

School Target: 96.5%

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'We believe in providing opportunities and experiences that make a difference to children's lives now and in the future...'

Hello, I'm Mr McClure, the Headteacher.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

This site has been prepared to help you and your child by explaining some of the workings and organisation of Shawlands Primary School.  We welcome you most warmly and trust that your child’s time here will be both happy and beneficial in every aspect of their education.  We are very proud of our pupils, the skills that they have and the way that they contribute fully to our happy and thriving community.

You are always most welcome to visit the school and share our work and success.  Shawlands Primary School is fortunate to have so many talented, caring and committed people among its staff, governors and parents.  Please keep in touch with what is happening in your child’s school.  We view you as active partners and need your informed support for the future and the changes it will bring.  Our school has recently launched the 'Pupil Promise' that we are all working towards.  This charter is set out below.

At Shawlands Primary we aim to live out our vision of ‘Better Together’, by:

  • Having high aspirations/building an inclusive learning environment for all of our pupils and for ourselves as staff, parents, leaders, Governors or pupils
  • Ensuring that staff, pupils and parents build effective, positive and strong relationships with the child’s best interests at heart
  • Where there is a difference of opinion, we work together to find a common ground that will support and benefit the child(ren)
  • Developing confident oral skills, to be a good and attentive listener and to have empathy with others
  • Allowing children to work with others to nurture their skills, abilities and talents
  • Where possible, to work with external experts to develop a wide range of significant skills
  • Allowing staff to be committed to their own professional development and to ensure that all staff can give their children the best provision possible
  • Preparing children for life after Shawlands; to be ready for the next stage of their educational development, to be an honest and decent citizen in our community, to be confident and sociable among friends and peers, to be kind and considerate of others
  • Giving children the environment and care, guidance and support they need to reach their potential
  • Caring for and helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves
  • Being active, healthy and always ready to learn
  • Promote independence among our pupils and give opportunities to mature and grow

Our School Rules

Children must follow our school rules at all times:

  • Be honest and take responsibility for your actions and conduct
  • Be kind and respect yourself, others, our school and all property
  • Work hard- give 100% and be the best you can be! Believe in yourself and have an ‘I can’ attitude
  • Listen to others and value their opinions and feelings. Team work gets the best results! Remember that we are always ‘Better Together.’
  • Be happy and confident. Look smart and move around school safely.
  • Set a good example to others
  • Never harm another living thing

Learning together is learning forever!  Our 'Better Together' theme of the month!


In recognition of our recent assemblies about 'personal values'...we would like your examples of when you needed to be determined and kept trying to succeed even when times were hard?



Please leave your answer here and it will appear once checked!

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Anabeth and Bethany(about a week ago)

We would also like to say a MAMMOTH thank you to all the teachers who helped us revise for SATs. We have to say the revising was the hardest part of it all and our SATs were easy all because of the amazing teachers at Shawlands Primary School so once again THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

Isabel Edwards(less than a month ago)

SATS has been tricky. Especially the preparation for it. All year 6 are thankful for all the help we received. The latest test I thought I wouldn't finish but I did. I was really trying hard in all the tests to do my best. Well done everyone!

sian wilson y6(less than a month ago)

This week in SATs has been difficult because the reading test was extra hard but everyone in year 6 tried their best and I'm sure everyone will get great scores. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers who have been helping us towards SATs. When I was on the reading test I struggled a lot but I was determined to finish so I finished with 1 question left but I tried my best and that is all I could do.

Anabeth and Bethany(less than a month ago)

Anabeth: This week when we have been doing SATs some of the tests have been quite hard so we have had to be extra determined to succeed. Well done to all of Y6. Bethany: Personally, I am the same as Anabeth. Everyone in Y6 has had to put extra effort into our work has the curriculum has changed this year. Also, in sport.I know I am not the most athletic person but I do like to put effort in everything I do and complete.