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'We believe in providing opportunities and experiences that make a difference to children's lives now and in the future...'

Hello, I'm Mr McClure, the Headteacher.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

This site has been prepared to help you and your child by explaining some of the workings and organisation of Shawlands Primary School.  We welcome you most warmly and trust that your child’s time here will be both happy and beneficial in every aspect of their education.  We are very proud of our pupils, the skills that they have and the way that they contribute fully to our happy and thriving community.

You are always most welcome to visit the school and share our work and success.  Shawlands Primary School is fortunate to have so many talented, caring and committed people among its staff, governors and parents.  Please keep in touch with what is happening in your child’s school.  We view you as active partners and need your informed support for the future and the changes it will bring.  Our school has recently launched the 'Pupil Promise' that we are all working towards.  This charter is set out below.

At Shawlands Primary we aim to live out our vision of ‘Better Together’, by:

  • Having high aspirations/building an inclusive learning environment for all of our pupils and for ourselves as staff, parents, leaders, Governors or pupils
  • Ensuring that staff, pupils and parents build effective, positive and strong relationships with the child’s best interests at heart
  • Where there is a difference of opinion, we work together to find a common ground that will support and benefit the child(ren)
  • Developing confident oral skills, to be a good and attentive listener and to have empathy with others
  • Allowing children to work with others to nurture their skills, abilities and talents
  • Where possible, to work with external experts to develop a wide range of significant skills
  • Allowing staff to be committed to their own professional development and to ensure that all staff can give their children the best provision possible
  • Preparing children for life after Shawlands; to be ready for the next stage of their educational development, to be an honest and decent citizen in our community, to be confident and sociable among friends and peers, to be kind and considerate of others
  • Giving children the environment and care, guidance and support they need to reach their potential
  • Caring for and helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves
  • Being active, healthy and always ready to learn
  • Promote independence among our pupils and give opportunities to mature and grow

Our School Rules

Children must follow our school rules at all times:

  • Be honest and take responsibility for your actions and conduct
  • Be kind and respect yourself, others, our school and all property
  • Work hard- give 100% and be the best you can be! Believe in yourself and have an ‘I can’ attitude
  • Listen to others and value their opinions and feelings. Team work gets the best results! Remember that we are always ‘Better Together.’
  • Be happy and confident. Look smart and move around school safely.
  • Set a good example to others
  • Never harm another living thing

Learning together is learning forever!  Our 'Better Together' theme of the month!


In recognition of the European Football Championships in France...we ask you to sharpen your geographical knowledge by submitting simple fact files about ANY of the 24 playing nations!  Could include population, size in miles, languages spoken, main trading goods, etc?



Please leave your answer here and it will appear once checked!

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Tia and Sian Nursery and y6(about a week ago)

10 facts about Wales: Mount Everest was named after Welshman Sir George Everest from Gwernvale, Breconshire. Only 21% of the entire welsh population of wales can speak the native language. Wales is believed to have more castles per square miles than anywhere else in the world. A Welshman, Pryce Jones from Newton Montgomeryshire, created the worlds first Mail Order Business. Robert Recorde of Pembrokeshire invented the "Equal To" sign. The letters K,Q,V and Z do not appear in the welsh alphabet. All statues surrounding Cardiff Castle are of animals. Lawn tennis first appeared in Wales in the 1800's. Wales is the land of mythical King Arthur. The population of sheep in Wales is 4 times greater than the welsh population of humans.

Sian y6(about a week ago)

Poland Facts: In 1989, Poland held its first free elections in more than 40 years. The most popular dog name in Poland is "Burek" which is the Polish word for brown-grey colour. Language: Polish. Population: In 2014 Poland's population was a huge 38,005,614 whereas in 2013 the population was a bit different with a total of 38,017,856. Poland ranks No. 36 among 196 countries. Top 5 Landmarks in Poland: Millions of people visit these places per year. Kiakowskie Przedmiescie ,Castle Square, Parish Church of St. Stanislaus, Museum of King Jan III`s Palace and Monument to the Warsaw Uprising Fighters. Flag: The flag of Poland consists of two horizontal stripes of equal width, the upper one is white and the lower one is red. The proportion is 5:8. White and Red were officially adopted as national colours in 1831. The national flag was officially adopted on 1st August 1919. Since 2004, Polish flag day is celebrated on May 2nd.

Isabel Edwards Y6(about a week ago)

Portugal •Portugal had a population of 10 million people (10,799,2 70) as of July 2013. •The official title is The Portuguese Republic •Libson is the Portuguese capital •Their first World Cup appearance was in the 1966 FIFA World Cup •Portugal is a Southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean

Sian y6(about a week ago)

Slovakia: population: In 2015 Slovakia ended with a population of 5,417,000 people, which represents a decrease of 4,349 people compared to 2014. Language: People in Slovakia speak Slovak. Castles and caves: There are180 castles and 425 chateaux in Slovakia. Also 6000 caves have been discovered so far. The most popular castles such as Bratislava castle and Orava draw thousands of visitors every year. FACT: The capital of Slovakia ,Bratislava, lies on the borders with Austria and Hungary. That makes the city the only one capital in the world that borders two independent countries. Moreover, Austria's capital Vienna is distant only 60km! Both cities are stretched on the banks of Danube river and the boat cruise from Vienna to Bratislava takes only 90 minutes. Currency: Slovakia is not a member of the European Union but also belongs to the Eurozone countries. In 2009, the Slovak Koruna (SKK) was retired from circulation after 16 years of using and replaced by a new currency-Euro.

Harry y5(about a week ago)

Did you know? The largest city in Spain is Madrid! And the second largest city is Barcelona situated in Catalonia!

sian y6(less than a month ago)

France... Population=64,654,954 in 2016 with a Global rank of 22. It is equivalent to 0.88% of the total world population. 80.2% of the population is Urban. In 1955 the population in France was 43,528,065 with a Global rank of 11. Big Event: Le Tour de France, Bernard Hinault has won the most cycle races since first winning in 1978. His nickname became "The Badger". Rivers: Canal du Midi =240km Canal du Centre =112km Seine =776km Marne =514km Somme =245km Tarn =381km Orge =53km Famous Landmarks: Top 10 attractions in France are, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palais Garnier, Sainte Chapelle, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, Pont Alexandre III ,Arc de Triomple, Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre and Cathedrale Natre Dome de Strasbourg. Language: The main language is French. English-34% Spanish-13% German-8% Italian-2% The currency used to be Franc but now they use Euros. France is 210,026 square miles. France is the 48th biggest country in the world.

Mr McC!(less than a month ago)

Example Population: 82.5 million people live in Germany (2014). The majority of the people live in cities and towns. Capital: Berlin with 3.5 million inhabitants is not only Germany's capital city but also the biggest city. Name: Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) Government: Democracy, Republic Language: German Literacy: More than 99% can read and write. Religion: mainly Christian Currency: Euro before 2001 Deutsche Mark (DM) Flag colors: Black, red and gold